2:Outline of production with FP wheel

1:Outline process of FP wheel
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The FP wheel is a newest technique of the ceramic art.
The gypsum mold is produced first. Next, the work is produced with the gypsum mold.Because two or more works of the same shape are made, various decorations can be tried.

1:The gypsum prototypecan be
easily made          

2:The work is made only by unloading
the throwing tool          
3:After it pulls it out from the type,
cut the foot and decorates

It is a potter's wheel with a center axis at the rotation center.
Clay is arranged in the gypsum mold.
Gypsum absorbs water, and the work shrinks. It comes off early even if it heats.

The outer throwing tool is fixed into a center axis.The prototype of the type can be done.
The work is made only by unloading throwing toolon the inside.
Escpe type is completely.

Gypsum is cast on the prototype.
Throwing tool forming ends.
Signs of the hole disappear if you cut the foot.

It is a point that a center axis goes out up.
The hole of the bottom disappears if you bury it.
It is a cause of the name of flower pot.
Gypsum absorbs water, and the work shrinks. It comes off early even if it heats.

Substitute the top and bottom of the type and arrange it at the center of the wheel.
The hole is buried.
Everyone makes such a work.



3:Karatsu and porcelain
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Wear produced with FP wheel.
They are the restorations of the one excavated from ruins of a castle ruined in 1600.
Diameter 18cm
Karatsu cup
Diameter 8cm, 6cm
KaratsuLipped bowl
Diameter 18cm
Karatsu cylinder teacup
Diameter 8.5cm
Karatsu bowl
Diameter 15cm
Porcelain bowl
Diameter 15cm
It is what produced in the same type as Karatsu on the left.
If it is FP WHEEL, forming porcelain is also easy.
Foot of Karatsu bowl
Cutted down immediately after separation.
Karatsu big bowl
Diameter 23cm
Karats small bowl
Diameter 11cm
Porcelain small bowl
Diameter 11cm
Work made from the same type as the left
Karatsu big bowl with white brush
Diameter 23cm
Work made from the same type as the Karatsu big bowl and cutted the edge.
Porcelain saucer
Diameter 17cm

In the FP wheel, an accurate forming can be done without the cutting down process.