3-4:Design and make the pattern sheet Making of throwing tool

1:Design and make the pattern sheet
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If you have the cross section of the work, the type board can be
easily produced.
The type board to make the work and type board to make the prototype can be made at the same time.
Decide the size and the shape of the ware that you want to make.
Draw the cross section of finish on paper.
Clay shrinks by fireing, writes by the size from 110 to 115%.
Clip with the cutter along the line. It is also possible to cut it with scissors.
A: Pink above is the pattern sheet for ware production.
C: The sectional plan of a ware.
B: Blue below is the pattern sheet for gypsum mold production.
a: The cut to make a moundTo install it in the throwing tools, the room of about 20mm is taken in surroundings.
You can make the expansion copy with the copier. Moreover, it is possible to process it with the personal computer. It will be easy to understand that you classify it.
The printed paper is put on a board that is vinyl chloride of 0.5mm thickness or plastic, etc.

When putting it, the sprayer glue is easy.
matCutter mat, cutter, scissors, sprayer glue

You can use the personal computer, to make the pattern sheet.
If there are the graphic soft as Adobe Illustrator and ink jet printer etc is convenient.
Because data firmly remains, the processing of the personal computer is still convenient.


2:Making of throwing tool
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Throwing tools sold as a final product and a half-finished product, and has received the order request. However, because it is possible to make it by oneself at the Sunday carpentry level.
itaPrepare the thin board. Cross section is 30mm and 10mm. Cut it in suitable length.
Jigsaw that can cut the curve is convenient.
  Set the pattern sheets to throwing tool.
It is possible be quick if you use Tucker, although even a small nail is possible.
anaakeMake a vertical hole of 6.0mm that a center axis enter.
The bench drilling machine is necessary to make a vertical hole.
  Outer throwing tool.  
Cut the board. Assemble and stop it with the nail. This is outer throwing tool for gypsum mold production.

inner throwing tool.
This is inner throwing tool for ware production.
takkaThe board and Tucker: Tucker is the one made in Sweden (about 4000 yen).