5:Making of the accurate prototype

An accurate gypsum mold was able to be made only for the expert by the technique of the gypsum potter's wheel so far. However,if it is FP wheel, everyone can easily make the prototype of an accurate gypsum mold.
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Arrange the plate with groove on the wheel.
Mold it while removing clay with the outer throwing tool.
The clay that adheres to the throwing tooll is removed in every case.
Put the clay on the wheel.
The forming process ends when the point of the throwing tool attaches below.

For finishing, spray water to give moisture.
Outer throwing tool
Completion of the clay prototype
Only by pressing down the throwing tool, you can get the accurate prototype.
Because throwing tools works along the central axis in FP wheel at the time of prototype production.
For example,  If you want such an image.
You make such a pattern sheets.
It is such shape that you acquires.



Production of type prototype

Push and wait for a little pushing.
It takes the loading time a little.
The image might not be seen because of a browser.