The feature is that throwing tool moves vertically up and down along a center axis. The advanced throwing that only a skilled during 30 years or more workman can do is possible in everyone.
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Set a center axis at the center of the FP Wheel.
Make the screw go out of the hole of the rotation stop up by about 10mm.
Slowly unload Throwing tool first, and form clay.
Arrange the gypsum mold.
A center hole must be in a center axis and make that the rotation stop is in the rotation stop hole.
Remove throeing tool, and remove the clay that adheres to throwing tool sometimes.
Lightly dampen gypsum, and potato starch is stricken a little because the clay used is comparatively firm this time.
02Water is sprayed according to suitable timing, and the inside is cleaned.
Press well-wedged clay against the mold and set the inner throwing tool. All you do is pressing down the throwing tool.
The sound changes if the throwing tool contact with the type. When the thickness on the edge becomes suitable under such a condition, it is an end of the forming.
Fix the inner throwing tool into the upper part of a center axis.
Note it though there is a mound under a center axis.

Production of work

Push and wait for a little pushing.
It takes the loading time a little.
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