8:Burying the hole and Separation

Informing with the FP wheel, naturally, the center axis hole remains. Flower Pot Wheel is a name that means it. However, the clay hole disappears if it buried.
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Remove the gypsum mold.

Heat it with the microwave oven
for about 20 seconds.

Or, leave it from 20 for about 30 minutes.

The spacer is fixed into a center axis.
A center axis goes out to the upper part of the spacer by about 10mm.
1There is a method of the direct heating with the gas burner, too.
In a general sense, the object expands when heating it. However, the phenomenon in which shrinking happens to clay that contains moisture because of the evaporation of moisture.
The gypsum mold is arranged on the spacer. 
It looks like a FLOWER POT, the hole part of the ware becomes a cave. and around the hole there is a mound.
3After a while, you see the crack on the edge.If light shock is given, it becomes easy to pull.
Bury the hole using this mound. It is possible thanks to the nature of clay!
2Take out a ware from the mold.
There is a sign of the center axis
It is good when bonding to the work pressing the mass of clay if not coming off.

Burying hall and Separation

Push and wait for a little pushing.
It takes the loading time a little.
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