9:Triming the foot and finishing of the rim

Signs of the center axis hole remain in the bottom of the work. But signs disappear if the foot is cut.
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Exchange the central axis to a short one.

1Set the stand in a center axis. and arrange the ware on the stand.
Note it though the mouth edge part is still notched.
Fix the bowl on the center of the wheel, and stop it with clay.
T rim the foot and the sign of the center axis disappears.
2Finish the rim with a damped sponge.
Formation is completed. and everyone can decorate it if made to here.
1Cut down the foot part, and Cut down the sideward. In the FP wheel, a ware to be able to separate is an almost half dry state. Under such a condition, foot becomes like Karatsu.
It is still soft enough to decorate soon after the separation. Rinka (circular flower)
2You must wait for about 20 minutes.
If it is a usual potter's wheel, it becomes a dry as after 8hours passed, and foot becomes sharp as a porcelain of Imari.
A plane fragment can be returned to clay because it is still damp.

Triming the foot and finishing of the rim

Push and wait for a little pushing.
It takes the loading time a little.
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