15:Site map of FP wheel

Here, it introduces the outline of a related page of the FP wheel.
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1:What is the
FP wheel?


2:Outline of production with FP wheel


3-4:Design and make the pattern sheet


5:Making of the accurate prototype

6:Casting and Completion of the gypsum mold



8:Burying the hole and Separation

9:Triming the foot and finishing of the rim


10:Forming the plate and cylinder tea cup

11:Production of lid and the lid receiving part


12:Use as mother machine


13:Convenient tool


14:Feature of FP WHEEL,Products,
Accessory and option


15:Site map of FP wheel


16:What can you do
by FP wheel



17:What is the
FP wheel again?


17a:Motive of development and introduction of knitting ceramics


17b:Outline video of forming


18:Setagaya Old Ceramics Laboratory