17:What is the FP wheel again?

New ceramic art technique that differs quite from the current



The work of the potter's wheel has the feature that a handmade work
doesn't have. It is that the rotation center of fictitious exists in the work of
the potter's wheel.
The rotation body can be throwned by the existence of the rotation center of fictitious of this. And, the work becomes shape in order compared with the handmade one.

In the potter's wheel, there is a history of almost 3,000 years. The worker of the potter's wheel was not able to escape from the prejudice "The rotation axis should be fictitious" for a long time.
"If a center axis like the stick stands, only the puncturing work will be able to be done. "That. Everyone usually thinks so.
However, there was one blind spot in this view (idea).



The blind spot is "A work on the way for throwing is made of the clay of the life. "
"If clay is a life, the hole can be buried" FP wheel attaches as for this blind
The FP potter's wheel adopted not a center axis of fictitious that was not able to be touched directly but the method of installing a center axis with the substance that was able to be touched directly by the hand as an extension of the wheel head of the potter's wheel.
The idea "Even if the poriferous one was temporarily made, only have to bury it by the following processing" was completed.



The FP potter's wheel is composed of two inventions.
One is a center axis that stands upright at the wheel center.
Another is a spacer that lifts the gypsum mold to shorten a center axis temporarily.

The spacer is not included in the first invention though this method
seems to be too easy. And, indeed two years whole were required by the time this spacer was discovered.

The person is the one that easiness too is not noticed at time.

However, the FP potter's wheel was completed in a true meaning momentarily at the time
of having combined this two. At this time, we learnt a lesson.
It is "First of all, try. "

It is a fact though "Damp clay shrinks when heated" this cannot be understood from a usual sense. Then, it doesn't crack even if it heats it with the burner at short time. This method was not able to be discovered if not boldly adventuring.
These kind of things are not written in the manual book on the current ceramic art.

It can be seen what there is on the tip of the corner only the person who goes to
the corner. It is "First of all, try. " in it



A certain kind of people will see a small space.Hither of the space is world that has been being caught in the curse "Center axis of fictitious" for 3000 years. There is wilderness where the possibility of "Center axis of real existence" is seen in the other side of a thin space.
What can you able to do further by applying the FP wheel, and it is still an unknown territory which possibility there is this ahead. Because it is "A new ceramic art is an untrod still field."

Meaning them.
Man who stands in the top of the application of the FP potter's wheel is that
there are no one still. Everyone can aim for the top now. It is a situation of a present FP potter's wheel. Lesson again. It is "First of all, try. "And, it is "Before it tries not saying anything. "