17a:Motive of development and introduction of knitting ceramics

Reason why such a potter's wheel can be done and, introduce the technique and the work of knitting ceramics.
The motive of the production of this potter's wheel is starts from the technique of my work, knitting ceramics.
I make the thin string with clay, and knit it for make the work.

When I make the plate and the jar, etc. the processing of the edge is serious.
It was necessary to carve gypsum an accurate round ditch to make the edge.

It is quite difficult to put out the center in the current method.
I thought that it is able to do anything if there was a vertical axis in the
center of the wheel.
For instance, round ring parts are needed to make the jar. The lid receiving part is necessary with the lid.
And I wanted to challenge the lid receiving part of two steps.

It is not easy to make this from plane of the potter's wheel.
However, if a vertical axis was used, the type was able to be done. It was able to be accurate each other. Moreover, there is no problem because it can use the lid for the hole for the switch either.
Introduction of knitting ceramics of Akira Yamada 2005
Knitting ceramics
It was knit by clay strings.
The space that can be done is buried by frit with the stickiness graze.
At least two times or more firing is neded.

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The future Akira Yamada's work.
D18.5 H9.5cm
D13 H11cm with no graze
D13 H11cm
Knit sample
W9.7×16.0 H11.1cm
W9.7×16.0 H11.5cm
W9.7×16.0 H14.0cm
D6.5 H12.8cm
W5.8×7.0 H高12.0cm
D7.0 H10.5cm
D10.5 H7.6cm
D10.5 H3.8cm
D16.0 H20.3cm
D19.5 H2.0cm
D13.2 H28.7cm
D17.8 H2.5cm
D21.5 H1.7cm
Application to bowl and plate
The type is made by using a center axis.
I see in the use of the type.it is possible to make the work.
It is advantageous that there are many works of the same type when I test of old
A person not good at the potter's wheel either can make the work.
I thought that I was going to propose this.