17b:Outline video of forming

The FP wheel is a quite different from the current new ceramic art technique.
This is a video of the shortening version that introduces the outline.
A long version of the video is published in YOUTUBE.
  When you make the gypsum mold and throwing tool by yourself  
Production of throwing tool

There are three stages in making the work.
1:Cote is made.
2:The type is made.
3:The work is made.
It is possible to make it by oneself by the technology at the Sunday carpentry level though throwing tool is sold.
Push and wait for a little pushing.
It takes the loading time a little.
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Production of type prototype

In the FP wheel, the prototype can be made from clay with an easy handling.
It is also possible to make the type from gypsum of course.
Casting of type

If it is FP wheel, anyone can easily cast the gypsum mold though only the person who had the advanced technique can have done.
Adjustment of type

The preparation for the work production ends by adjusting the cast gypsum mold, and matching it to throwing tool.
There is no process from 1 to 4 needing if there are a type and throwing tool of ready-made goods or the order goods.
When you have a type and throwing tool



Production of work

An advanced molding is possible only by putting clay and unloadingthrowing tool.
Burying hall and Separation

It is a process of removing from the type. The work where shape becomes complete can be made for everyone.
The person with a desirous one that the size doesn't become complete can do by
all means easy and unevenly.
Triming the foot and finishing of the rim

Foot, footside, and the mouth edge are corrected.
It enters the state that can be put out also to the unglazed pottery at once as it is.
In addition, various decorations can be done.
Other use

The FP wheel is a mother machine (machine to make the machine and the tool).
Various applications are possible.